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Hello, random reader here from Louisiana :). I chuckled when you mentioned getting something shipped here for free; there have been many exciting moments when I think I landed something only to find out - it does not ship to my area... I found your Substack through the wonderful world of algorithms, and I am by no means an expert furniture collector, being that I know almost nothing about what makes food furniture. Interiors and beautiful pieces have always stood out to me - I feel alive inside the creative spaces of beautiful real-life homes. I am a believer in the idea that an artist is WHO you are, not what you do/make/present-like, etc.

I've yet to purchase any "big" items or real "investments," but I am following along here, hoping to pick up something along the way and maybe come across some of that well-hidden furniture out there in a basement you speak of. I have to accept the boundaries of where I live, what's available, etc.

In fact, what taught me that skill and is still teaching me is the fashion world. Same story there: I know nothing; I am not in a design/fashion career, and no one around me is really into it, but thanks to the internet, my teenage girlhood dreams of being more fluid in the fashion world are more accessible. The pickings are slim, and I also don't have much money to get the things that catch my eye. I do have to think about function—longevity and functionality are most important, especially with a 2-year-old in the house.

I appreciate what you do, your perspective, and your positivity for the future. It gives me hope that as I age and grow in wisdom, I will be able to create and style the house I dream of. As you said, there are many other important things to think about in today's world, and I appreciate your awareness of that. It reminds me that I can continue to get sucked into learning about all this and still remember at the end of the day—it's just furniture.

That being said, if you have any tips on how to look for good furniture (or smaller pieces) as someone not on a coast, not surrounded by knowledgeable folks, and just out here in the wild, I am all ears. I try to make friends with the local vintage and second-hand stores, hunt the thrifts, etc., but you know... slim pickings, high prices...

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