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Why celebrity interiors? A new friend joins Substack, rare Perriand, advanced metal furniture, Auction Observer 090

Dieter Rams' best piece, why there aren't promotional items (restaurant shirts) in design, raw goat milk, Observer 089

The best Italian shelves, why home design is rarely actually ever minimal, my modular column, Observer 088

Emergency Weekend Observer 087.5 for paid subscribers: 30 high level auctions ending this weekend

A Paris fashion week comp; insane Euro auction, the best valet/coat rack I've seen, Observer 87

Collected thoughts on Copenhagen and Helsinki... and Observer 86

Observer 085: Where to start when everything in your hut feels mid

Snake Auction Observer 084: New Finnish giants, early work, demon desks

Why our brains can't comprehend how good things are now in design/urgent museum-level auction

Snake Q&A 028: Ryan Caliguri/Spare Room

Snake Auction Observer 083: Japan and FL Wright; lots of tables and chairs

Free Snake Auction Observer 082: Tom Wolfe's furniture book; cheap patterns... Hoffmann, Corbu

Snake Q&A 027: Sierra Tishgart/Great Jones

Snake Auction Observer 081: I found the best chair ever made. It is from 1935

Weekend Snake Auction Observer 080: Is outdoor furniture really different than indoors furniture? And the simplicity of vases

Snake Q&A 026: Sam Valenti IV/Ghostly

Snake Auction Observer 079: Buy the small stuff first—AKA why clocks and lamps are like designer handbags

Why hasn’t anyone come remotely close to Gaetano Pesce?

Snake Q&A 025: Zack Wuerthner/Shining Life

Snake Auction Observer 078: The T-shirt theory of buying furniture; five prime-tier cheap designer couches, Italy and France

Snake Auction Observer 077: Good ideas are overrated; a dozen dirt cheap god-tier couches

Snake Q&A 024: Charlie Morgan

Snake Auction Observer 076: On very loud and super quiet furniture

Pre-Sunset Snake Auction Observer 075: On boring art gallery chairs; a deep Christie's auction, Italy, bar stools

Collected thoughts on Los Angeles

Snake Auction Observer 074: Lighting... Seating... Action

Snake Auction Observer 073: The best week of auctions this year

Snake Q&A 023: Andrew Mercer/Slowruin

Emergency Snake Market Observer: Best of the best from Chairish's Presidents' Day sale that ends today

Free Snake Auction Observer 072: Luxury is no longer apart

Link for subscriber-only Snake hat

Near-Emergency Late Nite Snake Auction Observer 071: A Tuesday auction with something for everyone

Snake Lore 007: Cini Boeri

SNAKE Q&A 022: Joint Custody


Late Nite Snake Auction Observer 070: The only bad Sottsass; rainbow van der Rohe; a crazy 1940s bed, the best sofa of 2022, thoughts on luxury

Snake Q&A 021: John Radtke/Somewhere, Someplace

Snake Auction Observer 069: The ashtray as design gateway; plastic, plastic, plastic; rare espresso machine, Cassina's best chair dirt cheap near NYC

Late Ebening Snake Auction Observer 068: Regency, late Magistretti, the best console I've ever seen, the infinity of silverware, mysterious Kartell, dirt-cheap Eames in NYC...

Snake Q&A 020: Bianca Stilwell/Monte Visión

FREE evening Snake Auction Observer 067: Why aren't there any young Pesces? Tom Wolfe's critique of the Barcelona chair/brutalism; my thoughts on bouclé

Late Ebening Snake Auction Observer 066: James Bond desk is actually deco; a deal on Magistretti and another sofa, rare early Sottsass, space lighting