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Leg Day Observer: How to Lift

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Leg Day Observer: 26.2 miles and runnin'

list of my favorite places in New York that shut down this year

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Snake somewhat best (dry goods) of year (in GQ)

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Shaker furniture.... affordable and sick

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Wade Allison

Actual art on eBay — Kingsboro Press, F Mag auctions for USPS

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Leg Day Observer: cellular muscle atrophy

Snake America: In GQ: Vintage T-shirts and Rihanna

Riley Gale 1985-2020

Leg Day Observer's return: Protein supplements as baroque expression

new GQ piece: vintage IKEA

police/military presence in outdoor clothing for

Black vintage

bail, police

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Michael Jordan's legacy of shockingly chic suits

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impossibly chic soccer parkas as antecedents to luxury ones in the mix everywhere

insanely chic ugly furniture to sit/covet while stuck @ home

insanely chic moments in Ken Burns' Baseball

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new Sam Reiss article on GQ: furniture/design in Uncut Gems